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Armando H. - Guinea said...

So long as you have need of a legal degree but not need of accreditation such as national or regional etc. then delivers well degrees which are distance in nature and legal. Quality is prime and legality is good. I have Bachelor degree with which I am most pleased.




Jorge - Mexico said...

Incredible value for money. Thanks for my legally granted bachelor degree. I get Apostille now.




KPS - Mumbai said...

Thanks to doing the needful I have a legal master degree to add to my traditional bachelor degree. Deepest thanks.




Jeremy S. - London said...

Certainly no scam. I received a Bachelor degree, got the transcripts (a kind of mark or grade sheet), got the Apostille and BINGO! Never had it questioned since.




Kumar VS - Lahore said... provided me with all that I expected. I applied for a life experience bachelor degree and received a beautiful diploma the quality of which exceeded my expectations. I then got Mark Sheets (called Transcripts) and I have just received the official Apostille to support my credentials. Wonderful service!




Jean-Claude - Antwerpen said...

No, this is not a scam. is a service which delivers.
I have a traditional bachelor degree and a master degree. I "topped-up" to a Ph.D. Doctorate based on my post-masters life and work experience.
The doctorate is from a private university and is legally granted.
I can only describe what I received as good and myself as satisfied, if a little surprised by the high quality of material for such a modest outlay. Delivery was 9 daus after I applied.




Manoj V.P. - Kolkata, West Bengal, India said...

For one who seeks legality in his credentials, then are providers of the needful. I have received my bachelor degree which I passed out with based on my experience to date and I am liking it very much. However, I must intimate that one must have, as one's primary concern, thoughts of legality rather than conventionality.




Rob G.K. - Idaho said...

Yep! The folks at deliver as per their promise. Best 130 bucks I ever spent!




Beryl E. - California said...

I got my degree package today from I just had to write to thank you guys not only for a superb, high quality and provably legal degree based on my life experience, but to thank you for the first class customer care in dealing with the horrendous mail handling mishap by the United States Postal Service which resulted in my package being delivered twenty days late. Not only was the customer care brilliant, timely and helpful but you guys shipped replacements within 24 hours of me telling you there was a problem AND you got the USPS to track down and deliver my package. I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and the sheer quality and value of the package you sent.




M. Abdul H. - Indonesia said...

I was surprised that this is one of few internet undertakings that I can declare as completely satisfactory.
I read the FAQ on and fully understood the concept before ordering.
Two weeks after my application I received my degree.
It is very nice quality and the legality of issue is unconventional, but sound.
I am seeking the Apostille to support it as we speak.




Robin D.S. - Maryland said...

Got the gear after the USPS messed up delivery and tracking. What can I say? Not scam, no way. But I would say don't apply if you are small minded idiot. A life experience degree like this is legal, but you have to be able to think outside the box to understand it. Personally I loved it! I am ordering transcripts and the apostille.




Manolo - Los Angeles said...

I got mine today too. My pakage was also involved in the United States Postal Service mix-up. I just wanted to thank the customer support team for the way they helped me, kept me informed and even mailed replacements. The package is wonderful guys. Just what you promised. A legally granted degree. AWESOME!




Jean-Claude G. - Nice said... is a most comendable service. Thank you.




Ryan St.J. - Cork said...

I am a very satisfied customer of I have obtained degrees for myself at bachelor, master and doctorate level as well as using my returning client privileges to get degrees and other awards like professorships and fellowships for family and friends. I first used them in 2002 and my last was this week. I would agree with other posters who say basically 'yes, this is an excellent service and certainly no rip-off but don't be naive'. Expect what is described which is a legally granted degree. Understand the loophole nature of what you are getting. Don't expect a conventional degree, expect soemthing that is legal. Also, expect good customer care - this site has consistently given me the best customer care of any company I have ever dealt with.




Nicola P. - Delaware said...

You guys like totally rock! The United States Postal Service like TOTALLY messed up with my package. The customer service people were AWESOME! They kept me informed on everything and even mailed replacements when it became obvious that the USPS were at fault. Guess what? I have now received BOTH packages. The quality is superb and the legality is provable. I am so glad I used to get my Associate Degree.




Pierre L. - Geneva said...

I wish to register my complete satsfaction with the bachelor and master degrees that I received from The process was simple and delivery swift. Quality was good, legality was of provable sort although one must have cogniscience of unconventionality.




Aadhavan PK - Trincomalee said... is a fine service for those seeking a legal degree based upon that which they already know.




Arik J. - Tel Aviv said...

Genuine service but only for intelligent people! provides a clever means to legal graduation for those smart enough to understand it. Legal, but not traditional or conventional. People must come with smart hat on to appreciate this legality. Please with my bachelor degree and its legality.




Gupta N.K. - Newark N.J. said... really came thru for me. The United States Postal Service made a complete hash of delivering my package. It was stuck down the road in New York for twenty two days. The customer care I received was outstanding. They mailed a replacement and I have received both items now. Good quality, legal degree, just what I paid for, delivered to my door. Thanks!




Lizzie V. de M. - Witwatersrand said...

I was impressed with from the moment I was referred to the site by a friend who was a satisfied customer to the moment I received my bachelor degree.

The simplicity of the process to convert my life experience and the competitive costs were only surpassed by the quality of the comprehensive graduation package.

It does exactly what is says on the tin!




Chan (Peter) T. - Hong Kong said...

I received my Bachelor degree in 2002 from when the site was quite new. The degree was legal and I have made good use of it. Since then I have acquired a master degree, transcripts (mark sheets) and apostilles to support the documentation. Always good service. Always delivered as promised. In my experience, legality is far more important than accreditation.




Manuela L. - Cancun said...

Got my things. Thanks. Just as advertized! Good quality degree diploma. delivere what I order.




Clifford - Wellington said... provided me with what I needed which was a legally granted bachelor degree. I read the FAQ before I applied and a knew exactly what I was getting. I got exactly what I needed. I did not need any specific form of accreditation. The private accreditation provided and the legality have proven adequate for my needs. I also got the transcripts (a kind of score sheet) and the apostille which proved very effective.




Christoph N. - Vienna said...

Received my package today. I did not really get it at first but after rereading the FAQ and TOS and throughly reading the package I finally get it. is very, very, clever short-cut for graduation at degree. Satisfied thanks!




Anwar S. - Dammam said...

Thank you to for my newly received most legal degree. It is as you said it would be. Praise to you indeed for you are honest perveyors with keen eye for the legal.




Ruby Z.M. - Arizona said...

Thanks to y'all at for delivering as promised a legally issued master degree. I am so impressed I am returnig to order for my husband. We both have traditional bachelor degrees, but these postgraduate degrees recognize our commercail achievements since leaving college. God Bless!




Thuwaibah - Indonesia said...

This is not a scam! deliver just what they say. But, I make warining that deliver JUST what they say. Be expecting a legal degree but with unconventional nature. Be wise in your choice and understand this subtleness. Legal granting of degree but with loopholes, not in the conventional way but in the legal way always. I am happy with this legality.




Saelah T.T. - Malaysia said...

My receipt is made today with thanks and much satisfaction. fullfill all my requirements with thanks. My legal degree is satisfactory. Transcript and Apostille are my next project.




Mario R.Q. - Milano said... deliver quickly to me a legal bachelor degree which serves me well. Be aware of legality and accreditation in use and all is fine. All explains itself well in the package of quality documents.




Anonymous said...

Impressive! I just received my degrees in the mail today. The quality is superb. Overall, legality rules!




Idris - Athens said...

This is a very good service. It makes clever use of legislation to obtain degrees legally. The documents are of a physical quality commensurate with or exceeding norms that I have encountered. One must be aware that understanding the legality takes a clever mind. Do not expect traditional thinking.




Oleg Z: - Alexandrov said...

Love this service! Love the degree. Love the quality. Love the legality. Love the free verification service. Love the transcripts. Love the apostille!! Best money I spend in 30 years!!




Denny U. - Liverpool UK said...

Well I can't speak for anyone else, but I was satisfied and the reviews I see here pretty much reflect my experience of dealing with I got exactly what I ordered which was exactly what I expected because it was exactly what is described on the website.




Lee - NT in Honk Kong said...

That has been my experience with Frankly I could not fault the service. I got a legally granted degree - through the exploitation of legal loopholes just as described - and I was very satisfied. As many posters above have mentioned, this is an unconventional approach to graduation but it is legal.




Gupta P. - Indian national in USA said...

I have a bachelor degree which I obtained through 4 years ago. I got transcripts (score cards) and then later I got the apostille. I am back now for my master degree. To date this documentation has been most useful to me.




Anonymous said...

THANK YOU: Thank You of BA - Dream come true /fantastic! I am grateful with academic spirits high! Wonderful - Everything just simply perfect with good GPA of B+ (really sweet) So, again; Thank You (so very much)




Stanley Y. - Gwent said...

I have received my package. I confess to being pleased with the contents. I do see what other posters mean by "unconventional". You do get what is promised, which is a legally granted degree - in my case a master degree to top-up on my "conventional" bachelor degree. My advice is to make sure you understand this before you complete the application process.




Tricia F.T. - a Kiwi abroad said...

I am back to order an apostille for a bachelor degree I got from three years ago. I would not be back if it was a scam. Other commentators have pretty much nailed my experience with; no it is not a scam, yes you do geta legally granted degree and yes, they are obtained through the exploitation of 'loopholes' in legislation which make the degrees legal. If you 'get' this concept then by all means apply with confidence. If you are a stickler for 'normalcy' rather than legality then go to college for four years and spend a fortune getting a regular degree. The degree I have is legal, has been proven so and has been a useful aid in allowing me to travel and work internationally. Of course, If I did not no my stuff, it would not have been so useful.




Tricia F.T. - a Kiwi abroad said... said...

Sorry for the typo.... I meant "Of course, If I did not know my stuff, it would not have been so useful.....




Liam - currently in Kuala Terengganu said...

I'm a European Union citizen (Irish) but I've travelled extensively over the last 5 years in what would generally be termed the 'Far East'.

I've a bachelor degree and transcripts arranged through and I've the apostille package.

It's definitely legal and has proven useful to me and a great investment.

You just have to follow the advice given on the site and be aware of accreditation requirements when using it.

In my personal experience, the legality of the documentation has proven more important and relevant than accreditation.




Nathalie - Lebanon said...

My experience is quite similar to Liam and other posters. I travel a lot in my work. My Bachelor degree from has been very useful. I have transcripts and the apostille package. The apostille is, in my view, a very valuable device. Accreditation has only once been an issue for me in six years. Legality has been by far more important.




Ayse M. - Turkey said... is certainly not a scam, however as poited out by others you get exatly what is described. That is: a legallly granted degree. Expect quality documents. Expect legality. Expect transcripts with the latest kind of security devices. Expect a genuine apostille. Expect verification in line with current legislation. But..... do not expect a conventional degree from a traditional institution based in a leafy campus down the road from you. This service delivers a clever set of documents which are very useful and legal, but you (the graduate) have to be equally as clever in using them. That is the most honest review I can give.




Nadine - Bradford said...

Awesome service. Thanks. Ordering Transcripts and Apostille!




Gregory - Nova Scotia originally but abroad now said...

No, is not a scam, but it is very much a specialist product. Be sure that you want what they tell you they provide which is a legally granted degree. Don't be silly and expect a traditional degree. I have the bachelor degree, transcripts and apostille and am happy with all. Thanks.




Tanya I.L. - Latvia said...

Good service is received from I am old customer from 2002 when I was getting the bachelor degree. My master degree from same college was in 2004. I have transcripts for these and very good they are. I return to site for apostille 2008. Good investment in documentation. Legality is guaranteed. I return now 2011 for doctorate. I an happy because the time is appropriate.




Marcus W. - in Monaco for now said...

I am a satisfied customer of instantdegrees and judging by what I received for the price I paid I would say that only an idiot would be anything other than satisfied.

Firstly, they deliver.

Secondly, they deliver exactly what they promise.

Thirdly, everything is really good quality.

Fourthly, you have option for other support documents like transcript and apostille.

Fifthly, your degree has verification for free service.

RESUMATION: Degrees are legal granted but through intelligent use of legislation. Don't expect to receive a mainstream institutional degree. Expect a legal granted degree.




Rachel Y. - an Asian in Europe said...

I have just spent the weekend studiously reading and absorbing my graduation package from

My friends, I can tell you it is no scam. This is one of the cleverest concepts I have ever seen. I am 100% satisfied with receiving a legally granted degree in this way. I will get transcripts and apostille when funds allow.




Ziad - Lebanon said...

Thanks guys. I got my stuff today.
I can tell you people that delivers just what the site promises.
It's kinda cool the way you guys use legislation to get the legally granted degree but I gotta admit, it's awesome.
It's offa the norm but it is good quality kit and legal, just like you say.
Thanks again.
Looking at the Apostille right now.




Dipak U. - Nepal/India said...

I am a longstanding customer of - since 2002. In that time I have obtained a bachelor degree & transcripts, master degree & transcripts and a doctorate & transcripts.
I can highly recommend the apostille package, which I have for each of the above mentioned.
This is no scam.
But, I only recommend you contemplate using this service if you are above averagely intelligent (besides the experience needed to qualify) and you can think flexibly.
If your mind is stunted with staid and outmoded ideas then this program is not for you.
If you are sharp, forward thinking and need a legally granted degree, then I recommend it.




James J.K. - Kenya said...

I too have used this service a couple or three times over the last few years. It is not a scam. You get good quality documents with good legality which is arranged by the use of legislation.

I got the higher degrees to add to my nationally accredited bachelor degree.

I have never had a problem, but I have always kept an eye on accreditation requirements, plus I got the Apostille which is extremely useful.




Anonymous said...


What are the degree(s) from actually useful for?
Scale 1[no usefulness] - 10 [extremely useful/valid]

a.) Social standing with friends/family: 9

b.) Self owned business i.e. putting 'B.A.' etc on business cards: 8

c.) Social standing with society in general [non friends/family]: 8.5

d.) Obtaining interviews with small companies: 7.5

e.) Landing jobs with small companies: 7

f.) Obtaining interviews with big companies: 6

g.) Landing jobs with big companies: 5




Samantha T.F. - Canary Islands (Spain) said...

A quick line to thank staff for delivering to me today and to state sincerely that this is no scam. You get just what you order. You get good quality, realistic documents. By that I mean that the documents are within qualitative norms for earned degree diplomas. I know, I have two conventional degrees. They are not too fancy and not too plain. Legality is through some loopholes in legislation, but that is just as described on the site. Overall, I am a happy client.




Anonymous said...

if i take a bachelors degree from instant ,can it be used for my higher studies

pls help.




Idris - Cyprus said... is a service that delivers what it promises. Be aware of what it promises: A legally granted degree obtained by exploiting legislation. That is what I received and I am happy. Make sure you understand what you are ordering and what you need. All the info is there on the site. It is clever but there are limitations which are well explained. If you do this, you will be a satisfied customer like me.




Penny D. - Ulster said...

Idris explains this well. is not a scam, it is a very clever service which uses legilsation to get degrees granted legally. That must be your bench-mark. I got a master degree to 'top-up' my very traditional bachelor degree. Personally I see no difference between me using this service and the 'automatic masters degree' granted by places like Oxford and Cambridge which are given out a certain time after graduating at bachelor level and then paying a fee.




Greg.NY said... universities are small private schools just like that guy says in the video. I had the same experience.

I was impressed with the service, especially when you think of how little they charge and it is better than getting a fake degree.

Yes. They are legal. I liked this service.




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