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Is this legal to do? 

ALL the schools, colleges and universities we deal with are real, online, private institutions operating internationally within applicable laws and statutes. We provide our clients with a LEGAL ALTERNATIVE to buying college degrees and diplomas. 

We would never condone or recommend to any of our clients to use fake or counterfeit degrees. Be smart, use our method and do it the legal and verifiable way. Our service is considered excellent by the experts at 

Are the college degrees totally Verifiable?? 

Yes! With modern, cutting edge and real-time verification. Anyone can go to the school website and type in your graduate ID to verify your documents immediately.

Do I get a physical diploma?

All of the colleges and universities we deal with are modern institutions with real-time e-verification facilities. Your Diploma and Transcript will also be available for anybody to download directly from your graduate profile page on the school's official website.


Nobody takes an original diploma to a job interview anymore, this is the 21st century.

Long gone are the days of taking an original diploma in a protective folder or tube.


Here is a short history of diplomas as technology has advanced:

  • Centuries ago. Diplomas used to be scribed with amazing handwritten calligraphy onto sheepskin leather.

  • 18th century. Colleges began using Heavy Parchment with handwritten calligraphy.

  • 19th Century. Institutions started using fancy printed diplomas with embossed seals for security.

  • 20th Century. Diplomas became simple card with an embossed seal.

  • 21st Century. Modern schools are moving to the e-verification of diplomas in real-time.


Physical Diplomas and Transcripts have become obsolete in the modern world along with the Pony Express, Telegraph and the Buggy Whip.

How long does this take? 

Once your payment is confirmed, and you have sent us a head and shoulders passport style photo for your graduate profile, we will ensure you graduate within 24hrs. Often much sooner. In other words, inside 24hrs, you will be able to type in your graduate code on the university website and verify your graduation, totally online, immediately. You can download a digital copy of your diploma and/or Transcript from your college profile. This will include all the details of your degree along with your photo.

I want to buy a degree from a real university 

They are. All of the schools are 100% legally established and English speaking with state-of-the-art impressive websites and verifiable degrees. Remember, this service is only possible because the schools are private and not reliant on any public funding. Therefore they are totally independent of any government interference in their operation. As international schools they operate independently of any national education system which affords them the freedom to set their own criteria for graduation.

What are the School, University or College names?

This service is geared towards clients wishing to graduate discretely from schools which don't directly deal with fast applications themselves.

I want to buy a backdated degree. 

You can. There are some criteria regarding the age of the candidate at the time of the proposed graduation and the date of establishment of the school concerned.

Can I buy a life experience degree?

Yes. A degree can be granted based upon portfolio assessment and work experience or "Life Credits" as this method is sometimes called.

Are the degrees accredited? 

There is no such thing as a degree which is accepted everywhere.


It’s important that you don't confuse accreditation with legality. Did you know 97% of jobs don't even require a college degree with accreditation?


We guarantee graduation from schools which are legal and verifiable. You will not find any legitimate provider offering accredited degrees from a government recognised accreditation agency.

Little Known Fact: Accreditation by a government recognized accreditation agency has nothing to do with the legality of the degree or the quality of the curriculum. The purpose of such accreditation is to allow the schools access to taxpayer supported public funding. Private schools can (and often do) choose to forego access to public funding and in doing so remain autonomous.


If a provider tells you they can provide you with a fast college degree which is accredited, you can bet it's not from a "government recognized" agency. In reality though, accredited degrees are not guaranteed acceptance, despite what "traditional" colleges will tell their students. 

None of the schools we deal with, will ever claim membership of a bogus accreditation agency.

What am I actually paying for?

Good question. What you are actually paying for is an application process which is fast and simple and which we guarantee to take from your initial application all the way thru to acceptance and graduation. So technically, you are not actually "buying a degree" in the sense of exchanging money for a degree. You are hiring our considerable expertise to manage a process on your behalf which we guarantee will result in a degree.


Do I have any responsibilities?

Yes. When you fill out the application form you have a responsibility to be truthful in the information that you submit. There is a solemn declaration as part of the application in which you are required to confirm the truth of the statements you have made concerning your full name, your age, your prior learning and life experience. We then take that application and present it formally to a college on our network which then uses the information as the foundation for your degree and graduation approval.

What exactly is a Degree?

In its simplest form a degree is an award granted by a university or college to a person who has met the required criteria. The private universities and colleges on our network are legally empowered to grant degrees and set their own criteria for doing so.

Degrees are award at a Level, of a Discipline and in a Major.

The most common degree Levels are Bachelor, Master and Doctorate whereas this service does cater for all Levels ranging from Associate to Postdoctoral Fellowship.

The Discipline simply indicates which Faculty of the university or college administered the degree program.

The Major is the actual Subject or Focus of the degree. This can also be called a Concentration.

For example:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Master of Business Administration in Management

Doctor of Arts in English

You should note that some Disciplines have the same name as Majors. For instance Business Administration and Commerce.

In the past the separation between the Faculties and the Majors they could administer was very strict, but now with Modular programs this difference is not so stark. It may happen that you select an incompatible combination that cannot be approved. For instance all languages must be administered under the Arts Faculty. If you selected Bachelor of Science in English, this would be corrected to Bachelor of Arts in English. Our experts reserve the right to correct your application in this case.

There is one special degree type which the Doctor of Philosophy, commonly referred to as a Ph.D. This is by far the most popular doctorate and it is considered a working or professional doctorate. Any Major can be completed under a Doctor of Philosophy.

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