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Hundreds of Reviews of
 deliver good for me! Bravo! Quality and legality in the extreme. Scam is not part of this operation. Bachelor, Master and Doctorate delivered in good time and condition.




Yeah, most impressive service. Received today the transcripts for my bachelor and master degrees I got last month. Lovely holograms. Thanks, you delivered like a charm.

00:21 is the coolest service I have ever used... I mean OMG! I got my package today (an associate degree)and it is simply AWESOME. Just as described.




Thank you @ Viv Kerne. The 'anonymous' was me:)
I received my Masters Degree from a couple of weeks ago and I am so, so glad that I went for it.
The degree is totally authentic and it makes up for me missing my overall graduating due to my mother's untimely death.
I am really happy with it all and wish I knew about it a long time ago. In fact, I am so impressed, I am going to look about becoming an affiliate for them to promote and spread the word.
Unfortunately, there are other fraudulent services out there who promise the same service, however, they fall short. I am so glad that I did my research and came across I will definitely recommend this site to others!

14:55 is no scam and it definitely delivers. For less than $150 I got a genuine life experience college degree that has been a great help. I would say that it is important to acquaint oneself with the legalities and technical aspects of the degrees and how they are legally granted. It takes a bit of study to get a handle on it. It is very clever. I have my bachelor degree and I will come back soon for my master degree.




I received my Graduation Package yesterday. I just had to return to say thanks. I already had a regionally accredited Bachelor degree from some years back, plus a huge amount of professional experience. I tried converting my life experience for my Masters degree at a various traditional places, but the cost and time involved actually made it cheaper for me to attend classes. It was as if the policy was designed to discourage recognition of life experience. The documentation I received from is beautiful and the legality is well established. In terms of diploma quality, I have to confess it is actually better than my traditional degree.




I received a Master Degree and Doctorate Degree from five years ago. The site had been up about four years before that. I got Transcripts for both degrees. The quality of both the Degrees and the Transcripts was excellent. I am back to get the Apostille and saw this review link. is not a scam. You get what it promises.




My original degree is a traditional degree from a good Scottish University. The programme covers both Bachelor and Master level. In addition to that I obtained a Doctorate and a Professorship through and was very pleased. I agree with other posters that I got what I ordered as described on the site, although as mentioned, one has to 'bone up' on the legalities behind the awards as the path is legal, but unconventional.




It certainly is not a scam, but as Robert and some other posters above mentioned, you do have to put in some time to understand the legalities of the degrees that you get from You must be open to thinking logically and clinically about what you are doing - which is getting a life experience degree legally. I would agree that you have to be above averagely intelligent to understand the concepts, which I think would be beyond (let's say) a 'conventional thinker'. You have to think legality, legality, legality. I am happy with the Bachelor and Master degrees I received both in terms of quality and legality.




If you are looking to covert life experience into a legal degree and you do not need national or regional accreditation, then is a good option. I first used the site in 2003 when it had been online about two years. That was a Bachelor degree. I returned in 2007 for a Master and now I am back for a Doctorate. I got the Bachelor Apostilled and its legitimacy has never been questioned. Although, I have always been careful to make sure the circumstances never required a particular form of accreditation. You can expect to receive precisely what is described on the website.

11:51 is very good serviçe for my needs, which connect mainly to legal nature of degrees. What was ordered is what was received and with good timescale. I connect with both bachelor amd master liçence but for which no government approval was sought or requisite. Most satisfactory. Thank you!




Thanks to I got my bachelor degree based on life experience. I received it about three weeks after applying, but that was mainly due to local delivery issues. I was impressed with the quality and legality although, as mentioned above, you have to read up on the legal concepts behind that legality. This is not a process for dummies! I will definitely get transcripts (mark sheet) and an apostille and will probably get a master degree later. is a good option to get an online degree based on life experience.




Well one thin for certain, is not a scam. I recently received my bachelor degree. It was precisely what I ordered. I am waiting for my transcripts now and as soon as I get them I am getting the apostille. This has got to be the best money I have ever spent.




I just came back to this review site to thank the team for their help. The package containing my recently ordered transcripts for the bachelor and master degree I got a couple of years ago was mishanlded by the local post office. The customer care and support I received was outstanding. Frankly the best service I have ever had from a commercial website. No sooner had the replacements been received, but the original package was delivered as well.




Excellent service! Got just what was described. Ordering an Apostille to support my doctorate. Thanks again




My comment/review is this: With my husband and I received pretty much what we ordered. The degrees (a Master degree for him and a Bachelor degree for me)are good quality documents. The supporting documentation and services are very impressive and useful. The legality is just what is described on the site; legal degrees based on life experience and granted through the exploitation of relevant legislation. All tolled, we can definitely be described as 'satisfied clients'.




This is good service. Thanks. I am receiving today my bachelor and is just what is needed. Apostille is good option. My experience is valuable and now well recognised. perform well for me.




Best purchase I have ever made online. This service is totally awesome. I have already told my whole family about




I liked this service when I use. Thank you for quick delivery.




I received my Bachelors degree yesterday! It's freaking awesome quality and LEGAL as well. I would encourage anybody thinking about taking this path to research it thoroughly first, you will then find and discover that is NOT a scam.

They deliver, they come through, they are the best.

Actually, I was getting really anxious and nervous because it seemed like FOREVER to get my Degree via the post. But in reality, it was only like 7 Working Days hehe.

The main thing I am happy about is that the degrees are LEGAL and of HIGH QUALITY.

This is way out people. Trust me.




I cant beieve it but you guys delivered today just before christmas. Fantastic. Just fantastic! I took a chance of and you guys did just what you promised. Next year is going to be amazing with my new bachelor degree in my resume. The legality is just what I need. Thanks again.

16:45 is a reliable supplier of online life experience degrees. The bachelor and master degrees I received were very much as advertised and perfect for what I needed. Legality is the key. Accreditation is very much a secondary concern. Satisfied customer here!




I wanna say thanks to team for beautiful bechelor degree diploma I receive yesterday. Perfect for my wants and needs. Next I take the apostilla.




OK... so the low-down on! Well, despite what you might think, it is not a scam. It is an honest, well run business. I was one of their first customers back in 2001 when I applied for my Bachelor Degree. I applied for my Master Degree in 2005. That is when I became an affiliate earning 30% commission on successful applications I sent to the site. My site (I won't mention it) has a naturally high traffic but has nothing to do with education. It is, however, popular with intelligent, motivated individuals who are interested in self-improvement. The idea of a legally granted online degree based prior learning and life experience resonates strongly. It has consistently generated good income for me with relatively little effort.




We are thrilled with our degrees from We both have Bachelor degrees and so have returning client privileges. We ordered doctorate degrees for our respective parents and in-laws for Christmas. They arrived just in time. They were amazed by the quality and the clever legality.




My wife and I received doctorates from our daughter-in-law Inga, courtesy of, based on our life experiences. We are so excited by these unusual presentations and the beautiful doctoral degree documents we have received.




I got by graduation package today. Very impressive thank you. Now I have my bachelor degree, I am considering the transcript and apostille options. Maybe, next year, I will return for my master degree at a discount. Thanks again.




This service is boss. Get my stuff this morning, totally top quality, best I have ever seen and best of all, its all legal.

Would recommend any day!





Ultimate customer service recieved from this website, have already told all my friends. I fact, the best service I have ever had from an online service, period! I got myself a bachelor degree and it arrived to Canada in less than 6 days. Awesome




Outstanding service. Thank you I have received my beautiful and legally granted master degree to add to my conventional bachelor degree. I figured that with 10 years online your site could not be a scam and my faith was rewarded. Now I need transcripts (mark sheets) and I think I will opt for the apostille. Great service!




No doubt about it, is not a scam. I got pretty much what I understood I would receive from the info in the FAQ and TOS. You can expect a good quality diploma representing a degree based on life experience (although the diploma does not actually say 'life experience'), sound legality which takes a bit to read into and good optional back up services such as transcripts and apostille and finally verification for third parties. No complaints here.




Got my stuff guys. Thanks. It does take some effort to get a handle on the legality and legitimacy, but it is true. Now I have my bachelor degree, I will upgrade soon to my master degree. deliver as promised.




I guess Hank has hit the nail on the head. With it is important to understnd what you are applying for. Forget everything you ever thought you knew about the legalities and formalities of what makes a degree legal and legitimate in the eyes of the law. Most of what you think you know is in fact not relevant. My doctorate degree (I already have conventional bachelor and masters degrees) is just what was described: a legally granted private degree based on my prior learning and experience.




Dude! That is so right. This program ain't for no dummies. When you get your stuff from you have to read the info provided. It really opens your eyes about the legality of degrees and how important it is. I am very pleased with the bachelor degree I got, based on my life experience. Got the apostille too!




Thanks to the folks at I now have a legally granted bachelor degree that has already opened so many doors. This is certainly no scam. It is just what is described on the website. A legally granted life experience degree.




I was not disappointed at all! The legality of the degree is all that counts. Anything else is subjective. The degree I got comes from an institution with provable legality. Obviously, I was not expecting a top tier university, but I did expect, and received, legality. Thumbs up from this customer.




I am well happy! I have a new job because of this. I have many years of self taught computer skills which I converted into a bachelor degree through this program at I applied for a job as an IT tech. The field narrowed to five and I was chosen. The boss was impressed that I had real world skills that my conventional graduate competitors did not. Here is the kicker...

1. The boss is delighted to have me on board
2. He admitted frankly that if my CV had not had a degree in it my application would have ended up in the trash. He admitted to trying to take the chore out of hiring and just put the degree requirement in an attempt to get good applicants.
3. He was shocked at how little practical IT skills and 'work ethic' the other conventiona graduate candidates had.
4. He is DELIGHTED that in the first three weeks working for him I have saved him $15000 by improving the efficiency of how his company operates.
5. He could not care less about accreditation! Make of that what you will.

Life experience RULES!

00:15 is not a scam, but it is not for everyone. If you are not intelligent enough to understand the paramount importance of legality in the granting of a degree, then the program is not for you. Forget ideas of 'legitimacy' which is a subjective concept abd 'accreditation' which is a flawed concept. Think legality, pure and simple. I got my bachelor degree from a private university through and it has proven itself to be 100% legal, just like the site says. It is not a conventional degree, but it is legal. If you seek a legally granted degree based on your life experience, then will deliver exactly that.




Yes, I agree entirely with Gary from Dublin. offers a great service within the confines of the law and within the context of a globalized market and opportunity framework. However, you won't understand it if you are small minded or closed minded. I have traveled the world with my bachelor degree, which is supported by a Hague Convention Apostille. It has served me well.




I have read through the many posts here and frankly the experiences tally with my own. is not a scam, you get what you pay for and you get what is described on the website which is a legally granted degree.

If that is what you need, then you can apply with confidence. Don't have stupid expectations of a 'top -tier' degree. Expect what is described, a legally granted degree based on your life experience, from a private university or college.

That is exactly how I would describe the bachelor degree that I received. I am back here to order an apostille to support it.




There is no scam here. I ordered an online master degree through to add to my traditional bachelor degree. They did the needful and I was pleased with both quality and legality.




I received the graduation package today. My observations? Well, is is certainly not scam. I received my package eight days after I made my application. The contents are precisely what is stated on the site, to the letter. The quality of the Bachelor degree is impressive. The supporting documentation is comprehensive. The legality is sound and provably so. I am not sure yet whether to get the transcript mark sheets and I am looking into the apostille. However Canada is not a signatory to the apostille convention so I will only consider it if I intend to use the degree abroad later in the year. Overall assessment.... satisfied!




This was the best $130 I have EVER spent in my ENTIRE life. WORD!




Very good value foir money. Thanks to I obtained a bachelor degree based on my existing knowledge. It has proven to be a useful addition to my resumé.




Can anyone suggest me if this (MBA)degree certifications will work in INDIA for job/employment purposes or for career progression.

Its only basis the replies will I decide.

Thanks in advance for helping me out.




Can anyone suggest me if this (MBA)degree certifications will work in INDIA for job/employment purposes or for career progression.

Its only basis the replies will I decide.

Thanks in advance for helping me out.




I have had no problems with my master degree - although it is an M.A. not an M.B.A. and I have a traditional bachelor degree. Whether that makes any difference and I do not know if any special requirements exist for an M.B.A. - frankly I doubt it. My advice would be to ask the site rather than post questions here.




I am an Irish expat.
I work all over the world.
The Bachelor. Master and Doctorate degrees that I have obtained over the last seven years have proven useful to me in my career.
Good physical quality and provable legality.
I obtained transcript and apostille to support each degree.
Every time I have contacted the site for assistance the response has been quick.
I am very satisfied.

11:31 have delivered as promised four times to me. First my bachelor degree, then its transcript, then my master degree two years later, then its transcript.

I am returning now for an Apostille for each with full expectations of sameness is service.

Certainly no scam. Not at all.




Katya's experience is similar to mine. I have what would be termed 'conventional' ot 'traditional' Bachelor and Master degrees. I also have an online Doctorate (a Ph.D.) and a Professorship obtained through I obtained them based on my life experience and prior learning about two years apart. A Professorship is not a degree, it is actually an appointment to Faculty. The documents have provable legality and have been very useful to me. Some people have mentioned that you have to be smarter than average to get a handle on the legality aspect of the awards and I would agree with that. I also recommend the Apostille which, in my experience, is a well respected government issued document.




Superb service! No scam! Received exactly what I ordered! ROCK! Awesome!!




My uncle is a satisfied customer of

He gave a me a chance to get an associate degree through the website (as a returning customer) and I took it.

I was dead impressed with what I received. Magic!




OK. Here's the deal with It is NOT a scam. It IS genuine and you DO get a legally granted online degree, but the degree is obtained from private institutions operating legally outside of conventional (i.e. public) education frameworks. The degrees are NO LESS LEGAL for this. Understanding this is fundamental to being able to appreciate the value of this item. As other posters have mentioned, do not come into this with silly expectations. Expect what is described: a legally granted private degree. If you do that you will not be disappointed! In my experience, a private degree supported by a Hague Convention Apostille is a powerful combination.




I traded my life experience and a number of post-secondary undergraduate qualifications for a bachelor degree through

I was a bit sceptical but I reasoned that a website in continuous operation for a decade must be doing something right.

Much like previous postings above, I can confirm that I received legally granted degree from a private university.

I got the Apostille to support it and to date, it has been a problem-free and valuable augmentation to my curriculum vitae.




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