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 François d.l. R. - Brazzaville said...

Yes, I get it today and now "I get it". Bravo You deliver to me as promised what is described with its legality intact. Merci!




Anonymous said...

I'm working on a "traditional" Ph.D right now, but those can sure take a long time. Got a Ph.D from here, thought it would be nice to have it in my hand while I finish the "traditional" one; And guess what? It is nice =)




Ajay - Brunei said...

I wish to register my very positive interaction with the website.

I applied for and received a life experience based master degree on top of the traditional bachelor degree of my youth.

It is as described.

I ordered mark sheets (transcriptions) and they are excellent.

I ordered the Apostille which has proved to be the most useful document I have ever possessed.

Answer to all problems in all situations? No.

Valuable tool to enhance one's life and opportunities. Oh Yes!




Ajay - Brunei said...

Correction to above:




Mohun - Punjab said...

Thank you for my legally granted bachelor degree. I will return for the mark sheet transcripts and the apostille.




Anonymous said...

Hi can any one let me know if I can order through money order or bank draft for this course




Miriam - Vermont said...

The United States Postal Service delivered my Graduation Package from this morning and I was so impressed with the contents that I just had to register my thoughts.

1. I was a little worried that is was a scam, but took the risk and I am glad I did.
2. The many posters here who have explained above that the degrees are legal but you have to swot up on the legalities of the degree granting are dead right!
3. The degree is legal, but granted through precise and intelligent application of legislation.
4. The quality of the degree (a master degree) is (IMHO) of a somewhat better quality than my very traditional bachelor degree of 10 years ago.
5. The package is full of good information and tips on the use of private degrees.
6. I can make further applications at a 10% discount.
7. I am ordering transcripts today.
8. I will order the apostille after making my transcript order.
9. This is one very happy New England customer of

To answer the question above, I think only credit/debit card payment options are available, but you should contact directly for that information.




Mike - Sandhurst, England said...

Miriam from Vermont has just about nailed it.

I agree entirely with her assessment of

Not a scam. Good quality. Good value. Need to bone up on the legalities.

Job done!




Rangel - Rio - Brazil said...

OK! Here is honest opinion.
Degree received is genuine and legal but private not public.
Quality is nice.
Apostille is useful but in countries that make recognition of Apostille.
My finding is private degree with Apostille is great mix.
Inteligent use of laws is key for success in this undertaking.




Karol - Warsaw said...

I thank for my legal doctorate to add to my existing bachelor degree and master degree from conventional sources. Legality is good. I order transcripts and apostille this week.




Stevie H.J. - Brighton said...

Michelle, you should refer that question to

In my case, I got a private degree with private accreditation just as explained in the website

The legality of the degree is cleverly achieved and provable.

Accreditation (i.e. specific/national/regional/professional accreditation etc.) was not a big issue for me but legality certainly was!

I was not disappointed!!

I am getting an Apostille as well, which is an optional extra but looks like a good choice to me.




Carlos P.R. - Caracas said...

I am in receipt of my documents.
Quality is very good.
Legality is unorthodox but valid.
Simple minded people may have difficulty with unorthodoxy, but clever persons will comprehend.
Transcript aquisition is next step for me.
Apostille is most useful.




Rosita D. - Los Angeles said...

Just wanted to thank you for the delivery of my package today. is not a scam.
However, as pointed out in many posts I see above, it is a very clever service based on the exploitation of existing legislation.
If you are smart and interested in this approach, then by all means use it.
If you are trapped into conventional thoughts, then I recommend you give it a miss.
The degree I received is legally granted, just like advertised.
I am ordering Transcripts and the Apostille.




Roger K. - Mali said...

Delighted with my degree!
Legal as told!
Quality fantastique!
Clever! Very Clever!!
Made Transcript and Apostille Order today! deliver perfect like promised!!




Belinda T.R. - South Africa said...

Well, is certainly not a scam - but it is also not a cure all panacea to all of life's problems either. You have to be realistic in what to expect for something that is so simple, fast and inexpensive.

An instant degree won't make you intelligent, but if used properly it will open doors for you, thereby allowing your to showcase your talents.

If you do not actually have the talents then it won't help you.

If you do have talent and the only stumbling block is the lack of a paper credential to get you in the door then, in my experience, it works well.

Much as other posters have outlined above; expect what is promised, no more and no less.

Read the supporting material thoroughly, it is very illuminating.

Read the free e-books, they are very good and after all they are a substantial freebie that are in themselves worth the fee. Of course if you do not read them, they wil not help you.

Finally, take on board the advice about transcripts and the apostille. Both proved useful to me.




William H. - Brimingham said... is abosultely not fake and not a scam.
I received my degree in 8 days.
It was good quality and legally granted.
As mentioned by others, the legality is achieved by using legislation.
This service is well recommended.




Mhd. Malik B. - Lebanon said...

Magnificent service.

Thanks for delivering my legally granted degree.


I am looking into the Apostille as an investment.




Abdul H - Indonesia said...

My experience with instantdegrees has been most positive. Today I receive last item in form of Apostille-2 supporting diploma & coresponding transcript. Most legal and satisfying. Many thanks to all team making this happen.




Rizwan S.S. - KSA said...

Exceptionally satisified with my documents.

Thank you




Lars N. - Stockholm said...

Love this service!! devered precisely what was described on the site and I received it less than one week after making my order.

Superb service.




Nikki V - Devon said...

REceived my stuff today from
Thank you so much, the degree is beautiful.
This is the best money I have ever spent.
I will save up for the transcripts and the apostille next month.




David McD. - Arbroath said...

I have received my fine and dandy package as of this morning and felt compelled to register my heartfelt vote of thanks for the laddies and lasses at the honorable company that is

Rarely in my sixty years have I seen a merchant so fully and precisely fulfill a promise and whose wares correspond in the minutest of details with that which is proffered.

My satisfaction with my doctorate, which I add to my traditional bachelor and master degrees, is unreserved and shall be witnessed by my forthcoming order for transcripts and the apostille which is so eloquently and persuasively presented in the graduation package.




Bhaskariyou V.S. - Assam - India said... is not a scam.
This service did the needful most respectably.




Emile C. - Santiago said... is a great option for peoples with good brains. People with slow brains unable to take in complex legal ideas will struggle. It is not scam, but it is complex somewhat with its legality which is very strong. I say I am happy, and if you have a strong brain you will be happy too.




Lex U. - Lancaster said...

I am back on the website to order an apostille and saw this review section. I just had to post. I am a longstanding customer of since I got bachelor through them in 2003. Since then I have got a master, a doctorate, several transcripts, several apostilles and got degrees and transcripts for family and friends through my returning client privileges. I have always received excellent customer care, fast processing, fast delivery and comprehensive follow up services. This is certainly not a scam and is a valued asset to those seeking a legal alternative to traditional graduation routes.




Randy -a Canadian in Oz said...

Awesome service! Fast. Affordable. Legal.

Not a scam.

Recommended for anyone who needs a legally granted degree in a hurry and has the experience to back it up.




Karl F. - Berlin said...

I have been a satisfied customer with since getting a bachelor degree in 2005.

I also have a master degree which I got a couple of years later.

It is important that you understand what you are getting. Remember, this is not conventional graduation. If you want that then sit down in a classroom for four years and absorb secondhand theoretical knowledge dispensed by people with little or no experience in the real world.

This is a legal alternative to get degree recognition for your skills, learning and experience.

My experience with this service has been positive.

I especially recommend the Apostille.




Emma J. - Gateshead said... is a great service!




Kanye B. - Hobart said...

An degree from won't make you smarter than you already are.
However, if you are already smart, having a legally granted degree can open doors for you.
That is my exerience thus far with the legally granted bachelor degree, transcript and apostille that I got.
They do deliver and the degrees are legal.




Mohammad L. - Lancashire said...

Thanks for the boss degree!
Just as described.
Well good.
I will get the transcript soon and maybe the apostille.
This is very much as others have mentioned:
You get what is described - so be sure you understand what is described.
Loophole degrees are legal, but not traditional in nature.
If you need a traditional degree, then go to a traditional college.
If you can get your head around the concept of a legally granted private degree as an alternative, then definitely deliver!
If you can't get your head around it, then go to a traditional college.




Andrew Z. - Georgia said...

Outstanding service!
Thank you
My degree is just what you promised.




Bertie - Dublin said...

Beautiful diploma to be sure. Better than my nationally accredited degree! is no scam. Be aware though that the degrees are legal because they use legal loopholes. Don't expect a nationally or regionally accredited degree. Expect a legally granted degree obtained by using legislation to a determined end. The Apostille beckons......




Khan K.H. - a Persian in Canada said...

I have been a satisfied customer of since about one decade. Degree, transcript, apostille. All good. All legal. One must study the root idea behind such legality. If done, then all is understood and satisfactory.




Bernard L. - Geneva said...

Excellent service! Thankyou




Chuck P. B. - Hampshire said...

My experience with has been positive(Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Transcripts & Apostille), but I would strongly echo what has been said above. Do not order through unless you are certain that you understand what they offer. Do not expect a conventional degree and do definitely expect to put in time and effort understanding the legalities and subtleties that underline a private degree. What you get is a legally granted degree. In my experience "accreditation" is of very little consequence, but legality very much is. Basically, do not expect miracles for less than a couple of hundred dollars. Expect what they describe and you will not be disappointed.




Dorothy A. - Singapore said...

I am thrilled with my package!
My degree is wonderful.
I will order Transcripts and Apostille as advised.
Truly superb service.




Angelica P. - Manchester said... delivered to me today and I am impressed.

The degree is quite lovely.

The legality is just as described, by which I mean it is achieved through the sharp application and utilisation of legislation.

I read somewhere above that these degrees are 'not for dummies' and yes, I would agree with that.

If you are smart and experienced and able to think through complex ideas then you will have no trouble understanding this.

However, if you are slip-shod in your approach and unimaginative in your thinking then you will fail to grasp the concepts.

I would recommend that you only apply for this is you have genuinely thought it through and genuinely understand the underlying concepts that make up the private degree approach.

If you approach this sensibly, then you can't fail to be impressed with the quality, legality, speed and value for money that this service provides.




Wesley T.L. - Jersey said...

Hmmmm...... My review....
OK first off, don't rush into getting a degree through
Take your time.
Read through the site and read through the reviews posted here because they paint a pretty accurate picture.
If you want a conventional, traditional, nationally accredited degree then do not use - instead go to college for four years.
However, if you want a legally granted degree that uses legislation to ensure legality and you are able to 'think outside the box' then the program could be for you.
Read the FAQ and the explanations.
Understand the unconventional nature of the degrees.
Study the graduation package.
Take advantage of the Apostille.
Be wise in your use of the documentation.
If you do the above, then you will be as impressed and satisfied as I was.




Phil G- Bournemouth said...

I was pleased with what I received. It is refreshing to have an internet service that actually delivers what it promises. Thanks




Margie D. - Cumberland said...

What an absolutely oustanding service! Thank you You have really delivered as promised. Lovely!




Lando - an argentinian in europe said... serve me well. My degree is legal and good quality. The Apostille is very useful. My review is very positive.




Kane - Thailand said...

I think for a visa it would not work, as (usually) for visas, immigration ask for a nationally accredited degree.

This service does provide 100% LEGAL college degrees, but not nationally accredited degrees.

You will need to ask immigration first what are the accreditation requirements before you order.




Franco A. L. - Panama said...

Accreditation is not big deal in my book. Legal status is huge deal and my degree is legal. I used with Apostille with no problems, but a visa was not needed in my case so I cannot say for certain. My guess is for visa only a national accredditation will be accepted from one country to another. If this is your case, then I think the degree would be legal but would not be usable becuase of private nature. I am so pleased with my degree, transcripts and apostille from




Xana - Rio said...

I got my first degree at bachelor level from in 2004. I got transcripts and the apostille too. I have travelled the world since then working and my degree has been fundamental to my ability to do so. The trick is to always ensure that you steer clear of circumstnces where national accreditation is required. In my experience working in the private sector, bosses do not give a damn about accreditation. They do give a damn about legality (generally the apostilled version of my degree takes care of that) and they do give a damn about ability to do the job. If your abilities are not up to the job, then no degree will help you whether it is nationally accredited or not. I am getting my master degree now and intend to get the transcripts and the apostille.




Dillon PVP - a South African in Europe said...

This service is magnificent. The legally granted degree that I got from has considerably simplified my life.




Kirk G - from Nova Scotia originally said...

Yes, I was pleased with the degree that I received. The physical quality is good, very good actually. It is at least as good as my lower degree and diplomas from conventional Canadian and US colleges. The legality is much as described on the site and by other posters. It is legal, but the legalities have to be studied to be fully understood.




Roderick MN - Brighton said...

Like many posters above I can confirm that is not a scam. It may not be suitable for everyone, especially those that cannot think laterally or imaginatively. The degrees I got are legal. I got transcripts and then I got the apostilles. I have used them dilligently and carefully and certainly got my money's worth out of the exchange.




Mike K. (Washington) said...

I received the Apostille Package last week.
Just what I needed.
This whole 'loophole' approach is excellent.
With my master degree and transcript now supported by the Apostille, combined with ny existing traditional bachelor degree I have just learned that I have scooped the position I wanted.
My new employer could not care less about accreditation, this was just a box-ticking exercise. However, without the master degree I could not have even got to the interview stage.
I can't guarantee that it will be as perfect for everyone, but it certainly worked for me.




Frank H. (Luxembourg) said...

I received my package quickly and it was good quality. I am satisfied with the contents which are as described.




Han T. - Malaysia said... is certainly not a scam. I took delivery of my documents less than two weeks after making my application. I was satisfied with the quality and the legality, the latter being derived from some pretty nifty application of legislation. I am now considering whether to get the transcripts and the apostille, or just the apostille. One thing is for certain, will definitely see me as a returning customer.




Ellie D. - Devon said...

Of course it's not a scam! has been shipping out legally granted degrees for a decade! I know this for certain because I was one of their first customers back in 2001. I was really impressed. Since then I have added a master and docotorate to my initial bachelor degree, got transcripts and got the apostille. I have also used my returning client privileges to order degrees for my husband, my brother and my brother-in-law. Always fantastic service. I would not have kept coming back otherwise!!




Ellie D. - Devon said...

Of course is not a scam! I have been a customer since 2001. Since then (my original bachelor degree) I have received a master and doctorate degree, transcripts and apostilles. Always first class service! I have got degrees using my returning client privileges for my husband, my brother and my brother in law. Always first class service!




Emil C. - Romania said...

I really liked this service. Like many I was uncertain that it was genuine and I took the risk and with good consequences. The degrees supplied by are most definitely legal and genuine. The quality is good and a person must be aware of the intricate nature of what is a private degree. I found the apostille to be especially useful.




Harry I. - Nottingham said...

Just got my package and I must say I am impressed.

I see what other posters mean about having to understand the 'unconventional' nature of the degrees.

Private degrees of this sort are certainly legal, no matter what 'nay-sayers' might have you believe.

However, they are certainly not a blunt instrument.

My assessment is that I certainly got what I ordered and paid for, but you really do have to put some work into understanding the difference between 'conventional' and 'unconventional' degrees.

Now, with the package in my hands, I can certainly see how apposite the comprehensive FAQ is on the site

Bottom line from me is, no it is not a scam, yes you get what you pay for, just be certain you understand what you are ordering.

Do that and you will be satisfied.




Heiner F. - A German in Canada said...

I am self employed. I applied for this degree (a BA in Business Studies) based on my successful 15 years of running my own business. I guess I was too busy doing it in practice to take the time to sit in a classroom learning the theory!
My business records over the last 15 years will stack up nicely against any undergraduate's theoretical homework project.


You delivered and I am happy.




Frédéric d.l.r. - Nice said...

I am most content with my package of graduation. The qualitie is excellent and the supporting documents of great interest to me.

I express my thanks to for the dilligence shown in the formidable attendence which I received.

My next personal project is to acquire the Apostille.




Melvin J. - (An Englishman in Sydney) said...

I simply had to post a thank you note to the team an

You chaps (and chapesses) did a wonderful job delivering to me today an absolutely superb quality degree.

The quality is actually somewhat better than my traditional degree from the UK which is rather plain in comparison.

I followed the sage advice in this column and I made sure I read and understood the FAQ and TOS and the idea of a legally granted private degree before I ordered.

What I received complied absolutely with that.

I feel I should reiterate what has been said here before, which is that one has to swot up a little on the accompanying documentation in order to fully appreciate the legality.

Once you have done that, it all becomes quite clear.

My Transcripts and Apostille will be next.

Thanks again!




Lucia L. - originally from Brisbane said...

Got my stuff.
As described.
Stand by for more orders.




Olga P. Russia said...

It is impressive in the quality and legality.
It is unconventional but legal.
For my purposes which are without the need of complicated accreditation it is most adequate.
The Apostille is useful.
My opinion.




Maurice R. - Cheltenham said...

I would guess my situation is quite common amongst customers of

I have been running a highly successful business for twenty years. During that time I have been far too busy making money to take time off to go to college to learn the theory of making money!

Since I am the boss, I can tell you that this boss has zero interest in matters of accreditation.

However, as in all my business dealings, I am interested in legality.

I received a legally granted degree, with provable, established legality.

True, that legality is established by the strict, precise and somewhat unconventional application of legislation, but rest assured that the legality of the degrees is a fact.

Since I am the boss, I do not need Transcripts but for extra measure, I am applying for the Apostille which is convincingly explained and I view as a worthwhile investment.




Gabriele N. - Quebec originally - now travelling the world said...

Thank you so much for the formidable degree I received today.
It is just as you described.
It is good quality and the legality is sound if unconventional.
My apostille will be my next investment.




Paul H. - Doncaster said...

I received my graduation package from The tone of many postings on this site mirror my own feelings. I got what I ordered, no doubt about it. The degree is definitley legal, but as mentioned many times here, that legality is obtained through the application of legislation regarding the granting of degrees. This is clearly an area of law where there are many misunderstandings. Quality wise, the diploma met my expectations.

Overall, I would say I was impressed. Impressed enough to follow their advice and obtain the Apostille.




Laoy S. - Cairo said...

Paul and the other posters are correct.

My graduation package contained a high quality legally granted private degree which has proven useful to me personally.

One must be sure that one understands this concept before applyng and after receiving a degree from

In my personal situation, my requirement was for a legally granted degree and I have never needed any form of accreditation, private or otherwise.

I did invest in the Apostille, which was a wise investment in my view.

A degree like this is a good tool, but one should be aware of its private nature and not have unrealistic expectations.




Mark L. - Anglesey, Wales said...

I just adore this service! I mean, anyone who doesn't do a backflip of joy getting this quality of documentation, at this price and within this timeframe and with this level of provable legality from an online source has got to be an idiot!

Thanks I loved the graduation package and will be returning for both transcript and the apostille. In the future I intend to get more degrees for myself and family.

You delivered!




Tomas T.L. - Cape Town said...

Great service!
Glad I risked it :)
Looking at Apostille option.
Next month.




Diana S. - Belgravia said... is a service that I have used before and I am a returning client for both Transcripts and the Apostille. I originally got a Bachelor degree four years ago and now I am getting a Master degree. I would recommend it but only if you have thoroughly read and understood what you are applying for and that you do not have silly expectations. The degrees are legal, no doubt about that. But, don't expect a conventional degree from an ivy clad college and a rolling campus. You won't get that. What you will get is a legally granted degree, obtained through the exploitation of legislation. That is what you order, that is what you get!




Jack McD - Arbroath said...

Just a quick line to say thanks to the team at for delivering my lovely bachelor degree diploma.
You lads really have this thing sewn up!
I got just what I wanted.




Geraldo V. - D.F. Mexico said...

Yes, this is good service with faithful delivery and legal compliance. is good source.




Matilda NgV. - Queensland said...

I simply adored my degree from




Leong M.G. - Malaysia said...

I was very satisfied with my master degree, which I obtained as a step up from my bachelor degree which I earned in the normal way.

Honestly, the degree diploma itself is of a better quality than that which I received fro my bachelor and that was from a very traditional educational institution.

The legality is on a sound footing, although there will always be 'nay sayers' who will dissent because of dogma.

I am looking into the transcript and apostille options, which are very well explained in the package.




Hamid H. - originally from Sudan said...

Gracious greetings and thanks to gentlemant team of with my work of art truly beautiful diploma and well fashioned legality.

You are wonderful providers of essential legal tools of degree sort.




Maggie T. - Brisbane and beyond..... said...

My experience with has been positive, but I think that largely is because I entered the arrangement well informed and under no illusions as to what it provides. You can expect a legally granted degree. You can expect it to be useful in circumstances that do not require specific accreditation - in my case specific accreditation has never been an issue - and that means that the degrees are useful in the vast majority of circumstances. The transcripts are more than adequate for any use that a private degree can be put - the holograms and other security features are inline with current norms - and they are structured in such a way as to allow you great leeway in showcasing your talents. Of course, if you don't have any talents then neither the degree nor the transcripts can help you. I personally found the apostille very useful.




Joel N.H. - New Mexico said...

Awesome service.


Just as described.

I will be returning to to obtain a Transcript and an Apostille to support my Bachelor degree.


Simply Awesome!




Brenda S. - Hampshire said...

My experience is somewhat like that of Joel.
I got pretty much what I expected from the descriptions in the FAQ and TOS.
Yes, I would say overall, very satisfied.
I too am considering the transcript and apostille.




Mohd. M. - Indonesia said...

Impressive service. Thankyou
You delivered what I wanted. The Degree is legal. The quality is high. The supporting docs are thorough. The Transcripts and Apostille are useful options.




Yozza H. - Merseyside said...

Sound service! Sound as a pound! delivered great.... just as advertised. Lovely job!




Isaac P.L. - France said...

I have received my legally granted bachelor degree from and wish to register my satisfaction. I spent some time reading the site and the reviews found here before I ordered. As a result I can honestly say that I received exactly what I ordered and exactly what I expected. I will return for a master degree next year. I am currently reading the very informative information about the apostille and will probably opt for this too.




Morag McG. - Kerry said...

OK.... here is my take on this service:

I went to looking for a very precise item.

I needed a legally granted degree based on my existing learning and work experience as quickly and cheaply as possible.

My learning and work experience are genuinely quite extensive, but I have never completed an actual degree programme.

Frequently I found myself in charge of graduates with lots of impressive titles and letters after their names but frankly, nothing but cotton wool between their ears.

I read the FAQ and other information on the website and I read a lot of these reviews.

It came to me that the only way this service could possibly have operated for so long is if they actually deliver what they promise.

So, I took the risk.

I got exactly what I ordered and exacty what I expected.

The degree is legal, but as clearly explained in the site, obtained through the exploitation of legal loopholes.

I got transcripts and I got the apostille.

I do not regret a single penny that I have spent on this endeavour.

If you read up on what is offered and have realistic expecatations, then you should be in the same boat as me.




Vijay Patel - Punjab said...

Many thanks for for processing and delivering the needful as promised.

Outstanding service!




Manny B. - Tel Aviv (but traveling now) said...

I got my Bachelor degree through in 2003 and it has served me well on my travels. It is important to understand the subtle nature of private degrees and limitations concerning accreditation. This is explained in the site. I am a returning client and am getting my master degree now.




Albert F. - from Gabon but living in Europe said...

Accept my thanks, team at for delivering to me my superb degree.
You have delivered to me all that you promised.
I am most overjoyed.
Expect my transcription request and application for apostille.




Sammy N. - Canadian by birth, Irish by descent, world citizen by choice said...

Like many posters I am happy with what I received from
The international, globalised nature of the degrees suit my personal world view and circumstances.
I got my bachelor in 2005, master in 2008 and doctorate in 2010.
I have transcripts and an apostille for all.
The documents have proven to be extremely helpful to me although, as many posters have pointed out, there are limitations of use in certain circumstances.
Fortunateley for me, I have not yet encountered a situation where my degrees have not been of use. That said, I am aware of accreditation issues etc. etc.
I am back for a professorship to round off my portfolio.
Be sensible in your expectations and you will not be disappointed :)




Ray D. - Winchester said...

Superb! Truly suberb!!
I am SO glad that I absorbed the advice given here and took the risk to order a bachelor degree from
Spot ON!
Good quality and legality.
Just what I needed.
I am reading up on the Apostille.
Frankly, my only dilemma is whether to get the Transcripts and then get the Apostille or simply go for the Apostille.
Thanks guys. Just thanks!




Vasile P.V. - Napoca said...

Excellent submission of materials gentlemen. My doctorate is to finish oabove with my existenced bachelor and master degrees of conventional origins. The Apostille is of great interest and I consider thgis currently in a most serious form of thought. Quality of documents submitted exceeded personal expectations I held. Thank you.




Wayne F. - Kiwi in Europe said...

My take is this.....:
These guys must be good because you can check that they have been in busines a decade.
I took the chance.

What I got was pretty much what is described on the site:

The degrees are: Legal. Unconventional. Distance based. Useful. Good Quality.

The only proviso is that you need to keep a weather eye on any accreditation requirements in any situation in which you use your degree.

Other than that it is plain sailing!

To date I have a bachelor and master degree, transcripts for both and the bachelor degree and transcripts apostilled.

I could have got the master and transcripts apostilled but my personal circumstances did not require it.

Your circumstances may be different.

Every penny I have spent on degrees, transcripts and apostilles has been money well spent in my opinion.




Minnie D. T. - Verona said...

I agree
Package is good and well represented in anticipation by information available on site.
Conventional is not way with this program but unconventional is very involved.
Bachelor and Master degrees with Transcriptions and Apostille support is sum of my involvement.
Satisfaction is complete and recommendation is high from me.




Rafael - Buenos Aires originally but living in Leon said...

Being aware and comfortable with levels, subjects, degree types and all information in FAQ of site of is way to proceed.
My Bachelor degree is nice document and the important legality is on good foundation.
I have transcription of student records (this process takes longer and needs more info) and then I got the apostille.
For me, this combination has been very effective.




Jake L.V. - Bristol said...

I have been a customer of since 2002.
A really happy customer!
So far for myself, I have obtained a legally granted Bachelor degree, Master degree and Doctorate degree, corresponding Transcripts and Apostilles to support all.
Additioally, I have used my returning client privileges to obtain equally valid degrees at various levels for my wife, brothers, sister and brother-in-law.
All of us are happy with the credentials.
Be aware of the loophole nature of the degrees and you will love this service!




George P.K. - Kingston said...

I have a bachelor and master degree which I obtained through
I got them separately.
In both cases I received my degree about 12 days after ordering.
The process was simple, quick, inexpensive and I believe I got good value for money in terms of quality, legality and speed.
I obtained transcripts (student cards) for each degree.
These took about 15 days to arrive.
I decided to get the Apostille for each.
That process took about 3 weeks.
I am returning for a doctorate.




Alvin S. - Latvia said...

My experince with rates as successful. My degrees suit my needs without problems, although my needs are well within remit of not required specifics of accreditation. Legality of granting has been most important for me and flawless in execution.
Transcripts I recommend.
Apostille I recommend.
For applicants of international nature, I recommend highly.

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