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My life has been changed for the better by I can't thank that site enough. Superb!




Anonymous said...

hi great thx




Brian the Brain said...

I liked the concept of because I had a lot of college equivalent education, training, experience and professional qualifications but no degree. I tried the 'credit bank' approach but found the terms arbitrary and the cost prohibitive. Since accreditation was not an issue, but legality was, I gave a go. Perfect result!




Anonymous said...

Hey can any one tell me.can I apply this package on another person credit card(Family Members).Coz I have a business credit card on which my company allows me just for my work not personal..can anyone suggest me how can I.and will they ship it to Middle East?




Anonymous said...

Is there any way that I can used My Family Credit card for this packages without them as a return client as per (FAQ)?




Anonymous said...

Can any one tell me if I can used My Family Card for this packages?




Lisa P. said...

Actually are pretty strict about this. Unless you are a returning client they will not process an order for a person other than the cardholder named on the card. I know this because I tried to order for my boyfriend at the same time as my own degree and they cancelled it. I have just used my returning client privileges to order for my boyfriend today. Also, it is worth noting they will only ship to the billing address of the card.




Mandy in Europe said...

I just had to take a few minutes to post up confirming my personal satisfaction with the life experience degree that I received from I took delivery a little over a week after applying and it was just what I needed. A legally granted degree. Bingo!




Ronaldo said...

Without doubt, getting my degree through based on my life experience was one of the best moves I ever made. Legality (which is obligatory) trumps accreditation (which is voluntary) every time. First class service in every respect.




Dave in Brighton said... is definitely not a scam. They deliver legally granted degrees. However, one has to remember what they themselves explain quite clearly, which is that the degrees are obtained legally through the exploitation of relevant legislation; the so-called 'legal loopholes'. It is important to remember this if you apply. Don't expect a degree from a mainstream conventional university; that would be plain silly. You can expect however, a legally granted degree from a private university operating quite legally. That is what I got and I am very happy with it and with its legality.




Joe.LFC said...

Yes, instantdegrees is the real deal alright.

Just completed my 2nd order with these guys. They have a family discount system, its like a special code that you get in the Graduation Package so your friends and family can order their college degrees at a discount. Pretty neat system. :-)




Benjamin said...

If you believe in life experience, believe in legality and can think unconventionally then the service provided by is for you.




jerryberry said...

I could not agree more Benjamin. I was very impressed with the service I received from this website. Normally, whenever I am using a service that may be considered a bit controversial, they tend to have trash service.

But was different. Always timely, intelligent and informed replies, they obviously have some top-notch customer care staff over there. In fact, that was what really confirmed my decision to promote their affiliate program.

I want more people to know about this great service, so if I can get paid 30% for sending them clients, that is a win win situation for me.




David J.T. - The I.T. Guy..... said...

I ordered a degree from and I received outstanding service and support from start to finish. The degree I received was legally granted, just as I needed. The document 'ticked a box' in an application process that I was undergoing and I was accepted. My new employer was interested only in the legality of the degree and my ability to perform and had no interest in accreditation. I am happy in my new job and my new employer is very happy to have me on board.




Gemma said...

This is the coolest service I have ever come across. converted my life experience into a legal degree and delivered it into my eager little hands in less than 2 weeks flat. Incredible quality. Totally legal. Highly recommended!!!




Gordon M. said...

Unbelievable as it may seem, this skeptic was proven wrong. delivered exactly what was promised. True, you have to be brighter than average to be able to understand the clever use of legislation, but the legality of the degree I received is watertight. I am ordering transcripts right now.




Simon in Norwich said...

Frankly I was taken aback by the quality of the degree diploma. I have to agree with Gordon. Truely awesome. I too am ordering transcripts (mark sheets) and I am going to invest in an apostille.




Martin of MN said...

It is all a question of legality and accreditation. The degree I received was definitely legal and since I have no need to access Title IV Federal Funding (which incidentally is the only actual legal function of Regional or National Accreditation) then such accreditation was irrelevant to me. I was very pleased with what I received from




Mathias of Berlin said...

Wow! I am most impressed with my delivery. It exceeded my expectations of entry and my original thoughts. Well done on a job well performed.




Frank DTS - currently in Pretoria said...

I was intrigued by the idea of a life experience degree. seemed to offer what I needed and before ordering I checked them out. Nine years online with the same url and same cardprocessor - that is impossible for a scam! I read the FAQ and TOS carefully, decided legality was important whereas accreditation was not and I ordered with compelte confidence. 9 days later I received exactly what I expected: a legally granted life experience degree. Superb!




Rick and Tracy said...

We both got life experience degrees through, Rick first and then one for Tracy through the Returning Client Section which gives a discount. Excellent service, brilliant quality.




Henry KP said...

Absolutely phenomenal service! Thanks to the crew I have received my perfectly legal degree. I am so impressed that I am ordering transcripts and apostille today and signing up to the affiliate program.




Mohammad K. said...

The degree I received in exchange for my life experience came through and it was perfect in every way. One must remember it is a private degree obtained legally. It is not a nationally accredited degree, which is fine for my needs and purposes. The Apostille is very useful extra.




Nigel in Birmingham (for now) said...

I got my bachelor degree via in 2002. It proved incredibly useful and was instrumental in allowing me to travel and work internationally. I returned in 2005 and got my masters. Same excellent quality. Both degrees have been verified free of charge twice. I just emailed customer care about an Apostille and got a really pleasant personal response when I logged into my email about 3 hours later. I have the info I need to order the Apostille. Their professionalism has not waivered in the 8 years that I have used them. So rare these days!




Chris Ford said...

I too am a long term customer of I got my Associate in 2003, my Bachelor in 2005, Master 2008 and Doctorate this year. I have transcripts for all and the Apostille package for the Bachelor and Master. Every time I have contacted them or ordered from them, their customer care has been outstanding and the documents received precisely correct as promised.




Xavier A. said...

received package today. simply awesome quality. thanks you guys deliver the good stuff. I gonna order transcripts to go with my degree.




Monty in Brussels said... is not a scam. They deliver exactly what they promise which is a legal degree. You have to make a life experience declaration to support your application and the procedure is pretty straightforward. You get the gear in the mail a week to 10 days later. That is what happened with me.




Rimann in Tel Aviv said...

A guy's gotta read the FAQ & TOS b4 making application cos it's important to understand about legality & accreditation which aint the same thing. When a guy's gotten this sussed it's a breeze man. Legality is what counts. Life experience degrees are legal. delivers.




Marcus in Lyon (right now).... said...

I received my life experience degree from instantdegrees yesterday. It exceeded my expectations in all respects. I will order transcript mark sheets Monday. Thanks.




Danielle B said... has proven to be the best internet service I have ever used. It took me minutes to complete the application procedure to convert my life experience in to a degree and I received the documentation less than two weeks later. Fatastic!




John in Andorra said...

Outstanding service! is a billiant concept for legally converting life experience into a legally granted degree.




Patrick in Dublin said...

OK, here is the 'lowdown' on It is quite excellent. I got my Bachelor, Master, Doctorate and Professorship through; all based on my existing life experience. I got transcripts for all the awards. I got apostilles to support all the awards (a seriously good move I can tell you)and I got various degrees and awards at a discount for friends and relatives. Finally I joined the affiliate program 2 years ago and make a nice second income from it. The concept is legally sound, the degree documentation is of the highest quality and the customer support is superb. Certainly not a scam.




Derek in Antwerp said...

I agree with Patrick.
I also got more than one life experience degree through and became an affiliate.
They are fantastic.




Bruno said... is a genuine supplier, not a scam. I received my life experience degree from this site. Most good quality with high recommendation. Legality is paramount.




Anonymous said...

I understand the Degree's are legal. Does that mean that I would be able to use them to travel over seas to get jobs?




Nigel in Birmingham (for now) said...

Yes. As I said earlier, I got my bachelor degree via in 2002. It proved incredibly useful and was instrumental in allowing me to travel and work internationally. I´ve since got my masters. The only thing you must be careful of (which is explained in the FAQ and TOS on the site) is that you always check diligently that there are no specific accreditation requirements for the post concerned. If there are none, then there is no problem. In my experience, legality is what counts.




Paul (originally from Los Angeles) said...

You know what I thought was cool about Besides the legality and quality of the degree package itself, it was the $180 worth of career enhancing e-books you can download free once you have applied. I made money (a lot of money) out of what I learned and applied from those e-books.




Paul (originally from Los Angeles) said...

Dude, I don't think you understand what is all about. I suggest that you read their site fully. Hope that helps you.




Fabio from Naples said... is no scam. Delivery is good and fast. Documents are good quality. Legality very watertight. Life experience degrees are a good concept. Paul is right about the free e-books. $180US worth of information comes free with process. All good concepts.




Geraldo in PR said...

Certainly not a scam! Instantdegrees provides genuine, verifiable and legally granted college degrees online. However, applicants must study the site first before ordering so that they understand the concept of both life experience degrees and online college degrees obtained thru distance programs. Don't expect a conventional degree from a traditional, residential college. That would be silly. You can expect a legally granted degree, just like the site promises. That's what I got and I am very pleased with it.




Melanie in NZ (but from UK) said...

For those looking for a legal college degree online is a simply fabulous service. No way is it a scam. They delivered my life experience degree 10 days after I completed the application process. The quality was stunning.




Ricardo from La Paz said...

Very good service for online degree based on life experience. Fast and inexpensive. Not scam. delivery good to me.




Oliver TD said...

I am a returning customer. I just logged in to make a new order and noticed this review page. Well, what can I say? is definitely not a scam. I would not be back here if it were. If you a looking for a way to legally get your degree online, fast and cheap then this site is for you.




Christopher L. said... is a fine service. True, the life experience and online college degrees they provide are not from big name traditional schools like Harvard, but they are legal. You can't argue with prices that are so low and delivery that is so fast. If you read up first and make sure you understand what they offer, then you will be well pleased. I was.




Thomas H said...

My experience with was very positive. I needed a degree that was legal and I needed it quick to achieve a personal goal. I looked into several programs offering degrees online and life experience degree programs. Some where simply scam operations and others were way too expensive or took too long. Accreditation was not an issue for me, but legality was very important. I looked into the history of the site and figured that they could not have continued in existence for so long if it was a scam. CCNow checked out as a genuine card processor and I thought 'OK, I will risk one hundred and fifty bucks and see what I get'. The first thing I did was download one hundred and eighy bucks' worth of free e-books as soon as my order was complete. I had almost finished reading them when about a week later my degree package arrived. The degree was high quality, just as described, with good legality. I should stress it was from a small private university, not a mainstream institution. But it suited my purposes perfectly. I applied what I had learned from the e-books during the next month and I achieved my goal. I can't judge for all people in all situations, but helped me and so would be of help to others in a similar situation.




Bryan in Budapest said...

My experience was quite similar to Thomas. I work in IT. I have several qualifications and years of experience but no actual degree. A project came up and only people with a bachelor degree were considered suitable to submit proposals. I asked HR if they needed any specified accreditation. The answer was 'no, but the degree must be legal...' I had seen many times over the years but had never risked it. I thought I would give it a try. I did not have time to contemplate any other online degree programme. I got my degree less than 2 weeks later. I submitted my proposal and won the contract. The degree got my foot in a door that would have otherwise remained closed to me. My abilities did the rest.




Billy in Idaho said...

Got my stuff this morning. Slightly faster than expected. Interesting! Now I have the actual graduation package, I am studying it and learning the legal concepts and constructs. Very, very clever. It is just as explained in the FAQ. It is unconventional, but the life experience degrees are legal. Demonstrably so in fact. Amazing. Thanks




Richard from Bath said...

I see what Billy and Christoher mean. I got mys stuff today too. You really do have to be above averagely intelligent to use They make no bones about exploiting 'loopholes' and legislation and without doubt the degrees you get are legal. However, you have to be an intelligent person capable of unconventional thought to appreciate the legalities and value.




Mohammad said...

I use It is not a scam. I have degrees for myself, family and several friends. Very useful. good quality. Recommended.




Anonymous said...

can u mail to Taiwan??
how long does it take?




John Brooke said...

I don't know if they arrange college degrees to clients from Taiwan, I guess you should ask their customer service dept?




Stephanie (works in UK, lives in France, comes from South Africa) said...

Just a quick line to say thanks to As you can see I have a very cosmopolitan lifestyle and professional life. The online college degree I got through 2 years ago based on my life experience has been instrumental to the success I have enjoyed since then. For the modern international worker in the globalised market, legally granted degrees of this kind are a superb asset. I have not, to date, needed any form of accreditation. Just the verifiable degree.




Jodie K said...

Simply a fab service. Could not be more pleased with the quality and legality of my new degree. rules! Apostille here I come!!




David S.K. (working in Oslo) said... is a rare business. They take pride in sourcing legally granted online degrees based on life experience. They deliver exactly what they promise. It has to be said that one has to be smart to understand the background to the legality of the degrees. The unconventional nature of the degrees means that closed minded traditionalist should stay away. But if you are smart and able to think in a flexible way then you are a good applicant.




Amanda G. said...

I used in 2004 to get an online degree. Great service. I am back now to get a higher degree. Life experience degrees are very useful. I can recommend this service.




Marcus in Belgravia said...

Well Chaps, I received my Graduation Package yesterday and I can confirm that you fellows at deliver as promised. Thanks. Lovely quality. I see now after reading the Graduation Package and doing my own research the importance of legality and the relative lack of importance of accreditation. Certainly the accreditation of my degree is adequate for any purpose I will need it for.




Heather from Falkirk originally said...

I got my onine college degree three years ago through all based on life experience. I was impressed with the quality and the legality has proven more than adequate for my needs. Any intelligent person using this service will be pleased. I later got transcripts which came with a hologram and last year I got the apostille. More than happy with everything.




Mohd in USA said...

I can confirm that is not a scam. I received my online college degree based on life experience from them. So long as you do not need any specific sort of accreditation then the degrees are really useful. That is my experience anyway. My advise is to read the site throughly before you apply because what they describe is what you will get. Also don't be silly in your expectations. You are paying under $200 for a degree you get in about a week and which is legal. Expect legality, speed and quality, don't expect miracles.




Julia VP said...

No, is not a scam. You get what you order. Just make sure you UNDERSTAND what you are ordering. This is not some fake diploma. This is a genuine, legal, degree based on your life experience and prior learning which you have to declare legally. It is a valid process, but it is not a conventional, residential "sit down and blindly absorb other people's ideas for 4 years and get drunk at frat parties" type program like at a residential college. If you can't think for yourself and you can't think outside the box, then don't order. Alternatively, if you understand the importance of experience and legality, then you are the type of person that can make good use of a degree like this.




Anonymous said...

Ok. I kind of understand the premise of this and it sounds completely kosher.
For me, I actually attended uni. I fell short from graduating as my mother died suddenly and I went into a deep depression because of it.
Fast forward many years later. I know have a great job, but I feel that it is holding me back due to not fully graduating. I have life experiences, I'm well read and great at the job I do. I guess I can qualify, no?




Viv Kerne said...

I was sorry to read about your Mother. It must have been a terrible shock.

All as I know about the process is, it is a legal declaration that you are making to say that you consider that you have accumulated sufficient life experience and work experience to justify your degree and level choice. Then do the rest.

It worked for me, very well. I ordered because I KNOW I have I deserve a degree, but life and circumstances prevented me from attending a University. I guess I got my degree from this service for my own personal satisfaction, not to get a job. I own two clothing stores which I built from the ground up.

But that is just my story. Guess everyone has different reasons for using this service.

Good luck with whatever you decide.




Mike A. (currently in Indonesia) said...

It totally agree with Viv and Julia. deliver and they do it legally. Actually my story is quite similar to Viv's. I got my degree principally for my own personal satisfaction - a recognition that my self taught and hard won business skills earn me about 6 times the $90K per year that the average MBA holder earns. Life experience rules! It has also proven useful as a 'box ticking' tool in some situations.




Anonymous said...

hey guys, i just found a regionally accredited school that can accept credits obtained from a non-transferable, non accredited school and convert them towards your studies with them. i shall let you all know details once mine becomes successful.




Paul in Denver said...

Way to go dude! Listen, here is a tip. Don't post the info publicly. Let Kit know at That way the info gets promulgated quietly amongst graduates.




Debbie in Singapore said...

I got a bachelor degree through the auspices of two years ago. I can attest that the service is not a scam. I received my legally granted life experience degree, a beautiful document of excellent quality, less than two weeks after completing the application. I went on to order Transcripts and an Apostille. To date, the degree and its ancillary documents have all worked impeccably for my needs.




Tom (currently working in Taiwan) said...

Word! I travel extensively in my work as a consultant. The online college degree I obtained based on my life experience from is one of the best investments I ever made. I work for myself so accreditation is not and has never been an issue. The degree is legal and is even mentioned in the Reserved for Official Observations Page in my passport.




Raymond D.L. said...

Yes. delivers what is promised: Legally granted online college degrees based on life experience. The site does exactly what it says on the box. I got mine 10 days after applying.




Trudy in Suffolk said...

Well my honest assessment of is that I got exactly what I ordered. The degree came just over a week after I ordered it. The degree document itself was good quality and incorporated security hologrammes. The legality of the degree was sound. It was not mainstream, but it was legal. I have followed the advice given in the graduation package, got transcripts and later got an apostille. Everything has worked exactly as promised.




Alexandra - working in Nairobi said...

Just got my package. certainly delivers. After reading the graduation package, yes, I get it. The life experience degrees are legal. They must be viewed as legal alternatives to 'conventional' or 'traditional' paths to graduation. Online college degrees and life experience degrees are precisely that: unconventional approaches. I will order transcripts next and I am looking at the apostille option which looks very useful.I am satisfied and anyone with a brain would be.




Raj K (India) said...

instant degrees are the best thing I have ever found on the internet for university degrees online. I like the customer service too. Thanks from Raj.




Mohd A. said...

Most useful service for the erudite brain. promised me a legal college degree online and did the needful.




Angela PK (Pretoria) said...

If you are looking for an online college degree and your needs can be met by a legally granted private degree, then is a viable option. The service delivers precisely that.




Anonymous said...

I just got my master's degree thru this service. Awesome. Quality was excellent too.




Walter (Namibia) said...

Through the services of I got my Bachelor degree in 2002. I got my Master degree in 2005 and I got my Doctorate in 2008. All superb quality and legality. I got transcripts for the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate last year and this year I got the Apostille Package for each, which includes a free duplicate of the degree and transcript diploma. They always delivered quickly and provided excellent customer service. This is not just the best online degree service I have dealt with, it is without doubt the best online service I have ever dealt with.




Malik from Lebanon but in London said... provided me with a Bachelor degree based on my life experience three years ago. I have just returned for a Masters degree. I have no doubt the service will be as good this time as it was three years ago.




Kirk LJ (Helsinki) said...

I was pleased with the Master degree and Doctorate degree that I received from They were legal, good quality and both have been verified by my employer who received a letter of verification directly from the college. Unconventional - yes, scam - no!




Don.P (UK) said...

I got and Associate Degree from this service many moons ago and it has served me very well.

I am thinking of upgrading it. Will I need to order a Bachelor Degree first, or can I go direct to a Masters Degree? I am quite sure I am worth a Masters, I earn over 60K a year in my business field.




Patrick in Dublin said...

Don, if you are earning over £60K (British Pounds) then that is over $96K (USD) and that puts you firmly in the earning bracket of an Master of Business Administration (MBA) Graduate. Your choice as to go with a Bachelor degree first is a personal one. Most people's first degree is a Bachelor degree, but it would not be unusual for a person with an Associate degree in a business related field to join an MBA program directly without having completed a Bachelor degree. Often with MBA programmes, candidates from a business background (which you obviously have) can have their real world managerial and business experience accepted in lieu of a formal Bachelor degree. Good luck whatever you decide.




Trevor P (Wales) said...

I think Patrick is right. In fact most MBA graduates would be delighted to be earning £60K or $96K in the current economic climate regardless of whether they have an Associate degree or Bachelor degree as well. So, Don, you must be doing something right! I too got my lower online degree (Bachelor in my case) from and since then I have got a Master, Doctorate and Professorship. All perfecty legally and all have proven to be very useful.




Anonymous said...

Hi, I need help, Im from colombia and want a degree in psichologist, but dont have visa, instantedegrees can give me a degree that is no in usa?




Penny in Brighton said...

Definitely not a scam! Anyone looking for a legally granted Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Fellowship or Professorship can be sure to receive that from Over the last 5 years I have ordered all of the above for either me, my husband or my brothers. Outstanding service!




Frederick (Austria) said...

A genuine option for online degrees based on life experience. arranged three degrees for me during five years. I now have the doctor degree, but was previously with the master degree and before that with the bachelor. I was receiving each about two weeks.




Tex (United Kingdom) said...

I need a degree in order to apply for a working visa in Hong Kong.
Would the one provided by Instantdegree be accepted by HK immigration?




Max (Italia) said...

I guess that would depend Tex.

Does Hong Kong immigration require your degree to be Regional or Nationally Accredited?

Or does it just need to be a college degree that is legally issued by a University that is permitted to do so?

Degrees via are totally legal. I know that first hand, I am a satified returning customer.

But maybe you should ask customer service for their advice first?




Tex (United Kingdom) said...

Hi Max,
thanks for your reply.
HK immigration only say that a first degree is required, and the documentation to supply is a 'Photocopy of proof of academic qualifications'.
There is nowhere mention of the degree required to be regional/national accredited for the General Employment Visa, which is the one I'm applying for.
It looks like I might be ok but was hoping someone might have a direct experience.




Max (Italia) said...

Your welcome.

Sounds like what they provide is suitable for what you need, but I would check with customer service first, see what they advise.




Peter (Wellington NZ) said...

Well here is my review: I am a returning client to the website. The only reason I am a returning customer is because the site delivers precisely what it promises - that is legally granted degrees. Sure, they exploit loopholes and the degrees are an unconventional alternative to traditional graduation, but they are definitely legal. I started seven years ago with a Bachelor degree and later got a Master degree. Both my wife and I got Doctorate degrees and I got an Associate degree for my young nephew and a Professorship for my old dad.




Maria (currently in Berne) said... is an absolutely fabulous service for anyone looking for an online college degree based on life experience. My husband got his Bachelor degree first when we were still engaged. He was so impressed he went straight back and got one for me too. Since then we have both upgraded to Master degree and are thinking about Doctorates... maybe in the New Year. These degrees are legal and they are brilliant professional and social tools.




Nigel in London said...

I have just read through the above comments and they all pretty much match my experience with I was impressed with the service I received and frankly $130 for a Bachelor degree, the value for money was outstanding. I am back at the site now to order a Master degree for me and a Doctorate degree for my elder brother using my returning client and discount privileges.




Patricia in Monaco said... is a good outfit. They mail you exactly what they promise by registered mail. I was pleased with what I got and very pleased with the customer care that I got afterwards. All tolled I received 3 degrees (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate), 3 transcripts (1 for each degree) and 3 apostilles (1 for cach degree) and 2 of the 3 degrees have been verified free by mail.




Brad (from Dublin but working in Bucharest) said...

In my experience is an excellent provider of life experience online college degrees. I have two. A Master degree and a Doctorate which I use to augment the traditional Bachelor degree I already had. It has worked beautifully for me.




Bruna from Montevideo said...

I would echo some of the earlier posts. Yes, is a genuine service and definitely delivers (I got a Bachelor degree and my husband got a Master degree) but if you are not more intelligent than average and able to think in an irregular or unconventional way, then this service is not for you. The degrees are legal, but because they exploit sometimes complex legislation, the legalities may be beyond an ordinary thinker. I trust my English is clear.




Melanie (from NZ but working in Europe) said...

No, is not a scam. This service delivers. I got a Bachelor Degree and Transcripts and the Apostille. All the documents were legal and high quality. Chalk up one satisfied customer!




Rodrigo (from Spain) said...

I work internationally as a consultant. I have a traditional license bachelor degree. The best money I ever spent was that which I used to obtain my master degree and doctorate degree via




Tony (from USA working in Asia) said...

I understand what Rodrigo means. I saw the link to this review page when I logged in as a returning client to order an Apostille. The Bachelor & Master degree I got thru have opened so many doors for me that I can honestly say that they have made my life over the last five years. I could not possibly have done what I have done without them.




Benedict (Canadian) said...

It is certainly not a scam! is a genuine supplier of online college degrees based on life experience. The degrees come from private schools, not public ones, but they are legal. I got an associate degree and later a bachelor degree. My brother (who already had a bachelor degree) got a master degree and a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) Quality was good and legality impressive.




Brian (USA) said...

I have a question for "Tony (from USA working in Asia)" its actually has to do about working in Asia. If you happen to come back on this review page and read this, please shoot me an email reply at, much thanks!

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